ThinkRace Technology Italy, Rome

Borgo Demis 2 Piano 6, Borgo Sibilla salentino

+33 914 10 57 0721

Business Name: ThinkRace Technology Italy

Address: Borgo Demis 2 Piano 6, Borgo Sibilla salentino

Phone: +33 914 10 57 0721

City: Rome 08831, Region: , Country: Italy

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Borgo Demis 2 Piano 6, Borgo Sibilla salentino Tel: +33 914 10 57 0721

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ThinkRace Technology Italy is located at Borgo Demis 2 Piano 6, Borgo Sibilla salentino +33 914 10 57 0721 Rome 08831 Italy

ThinkRace Technology Italy

Founded in 2006; today ThinkRace Technology has established itself as one of the frontrunners in GPS Tracking Technology. The company manufactures GPS Trackers in the categories of personal, fitness, asset, pet, and vehicle trackers. Not just trackers, but the company also provides competent OEM/ODM Services, Cloud, and Prototype Development Services. ThinkRace Technology manufactures GPS Trackers under a wide range of categories. OBD Tracker, Vehicle Tracker, Pet, Personal or Fitness, you name it; the company has always got something for you. Providing complete GPS Tracking Solutions and manufacturing tracking devices to ensure family and vehicle safety since 2006. We also provide satisfactory OEM/ODM Services, Prototype Development, Software and App Development for our clients. 

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ThinkRace Technology Italy, Rome
Borgo Demis 2 Piano 6, Borgo Sibilla salentino Rome 08831 +33 914 10 57 0721

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